Donate to us

Our shops would not be successful without the help of our donors!

If you are a shop or individual designer and you would like to donate your new, unused inventory, please contact us.  Whether you have floor samples, overstock or discontinued gowns or accessories, you can donate them to our shop and receive a tax deduction for your donation. Our biggest need is size 2-4 and 14-22.  In some cases, we can pick up dresses or help with shipping.

For more information,  call 434-847-775.

Of course, individuals can donate by buying a dress or a monetary donation.  Here are 8 examples of how your money works for us:

  • $2.04 per girl for Ygyrl Leader (teen mentoring) Activity per hour
  • $2.04 utilities for a Town Center (Residential/Permanent Housing) resident per day
  • $4.52 provides food for a shelter resident per stay
  • $21.26 house a woman one night at the Town Center
  • $50 feed 11 domestic violence victims
  • $66.90 provides domestic violence services per person for a year
  • $100 house a homeless woman for 5 nights
  • $60,000 balance needed for the elevator installation at Town Center
As you can see, we are helped by a donation of a little or a lot!  Thank you, in advance, for your support!